Oil and Gas

Our lawyers have been market leaders in the provision of legal services in the oil and gas sector since 1991 thus having a long tradition of rendering high quality advice to the world’s leading energy, utility and natural resources companies. Our energy experience covers all aspects of upstream, midstream and downstream work assisting our clients not only in the legal but also in the commercial issues that challenge business objectives. TT&P provides comprehensive legal assistance in preparing tender documentation; negotiating License and Joint Operation Agreements; post license legal advice and assistance, day- to- day legal service and advice.

Oil and Gas

During the years we have rendered services to OMV AG and various companies from the OMV Group, British Gas PLC, Enterprise Oil PLC, Balkan Explorers Bulgaria Limited, a subsidiary of Falcon Oil & Gas (now Aurelian Oil & Gas), Union Pacific International Petroleum Resources PLC, JKX Oil & Gas PLC, Bulgarian Energy Holding, GDF Suez.


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