Important information

 covidDear Clients,

As you are probably aware, Bulgaria has registered a number of cases of COVID-19. In order to prevent expansion of the disease and to protect lives of its citizens, Bulgarian institutions have announced an  emergency status and have imposed severe protective measures on commercial activities, transborder crossing and movement of people without reasonable cause.

In this unprecedented situation, our offices will remain open and will continue operating, although part of our lawyers will continue working from their homes. Our staff is well equipped to continue working remotely. We do not think, at this stage, that the emergency status will impact the quality of our services. Helping our clients in this troubled times will be our priority, together with the prevention and protection of health and safety of our families, our staff and our clients.

Following the directions of the Government, we announce to our clients that as from today, March 16 2020, we will not organize meetings with clients in our offices until March 23, 2020, unless in emergency cases, which have to be addressed  to our office’s email  being This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and which will be considered and answered in due course by phone or email. Likewise, you may call Milena Tabakova, managing partner, on her personal mobile number being +359 888 50 60 20 or Todor Tabakov, partner, on his personal mobile number being + 359 888 632250 to explain the matter of urgency and to discuss the steps to be undertaken.

Please remain assured that TT&P will take any reasonable step to defend your legitimate rights and interests in this unprecedented force majeure situation.

And we will keep you duly informed about any change in the status of emergency with a hope that the situation will improve soon and that we will be in a position to return to normal course of our business.

Tabakov, Tabakova & Partners